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Wiki: ToDoList

2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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To Do List

  • Support separate profiles for UML 1.4 & UML 2.x for the same user

  • Help finish EUML model subsystem (UML 2.x using Eclipse UML2 plugins). This is shared with !ArgoUML, but arguably more important for ArgoEclipse since UML2/EMF support is needed for interoperability with other Eclipse plugins.

    • test all parts of UI and keep track of where ?NotYetImplemented exceptions are thrown

    • ?UseCase diagram - complete

    • Class diagram - mostly complete
    • all other diagrams - mostly incomplete
  • Reverse engineering Eclipse resources in ArgoEclipse;

  • Remove Eclipse unused menus
  • Split some actions in global actions, available also when the editor isn't active;
  • Add underscore shortcuts ( _ ) to the menus
  • Finish implementation of ArgoEclipse Preferences tabs

    • Profiles
    • Environment
    • Modules (eliminate and use Eclipse plugins?)
  • Solve this bug, that affects the diagram editor
  • Automated test coverage - particularly for GUI components
  • The possibility to drag and drop eclipse resources into ArgoEclipse

  • Key shortcuts (eg. the Delete key is used in ArgoUML to delete targets, this should be available in ArgoEclipse too)

  • Some other default Eclipse actions should be implemented: Eclipse navigation instead of ArgoEclipse navigation (back and forward actions), ArgoUML properties should be a page in Preferences

  • Convert ArgoUML modules to Eclipse extensions - especially for the common case of code generation and reverse engineering (depends on extension point task below)
  • Add extension points so that other users/developers can extend the functionality of this plugin
    • Code Generation
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Diagrams
    • Model
  • Replace smaller Swing dialogs, especially those invoked from SWT/Eclipse
    • Project properties popup (steal from Preferences)
    • Find (search) dialog

Bigger tasks:

  • UML 1.4 to UML 2.x XMI conversion
  • Select model implementation (UML 1.4 vs UML 2.x) at project load time instead of startup time
  • Replace main Swing panes with SWT equivalents -
    • ?ToDo - smallest and easiest

    • Explorer (replace with Eclipse navigator)
    • Property Panel
    • Diagram editors
  • Multiple editors (one editor per project/model) This implies support for multiple open projects in ArgoUML.
  • Multiple editors (one editor per diagram), do we want this?
  • Speed up initialization. This requires reworking various ArgoUML components to not require all initialization to be done first (ie better use of lazy initialization).
  • Remove ProjectBrowser dependencies

  • The possibility of ArgoUML to use streams instead of java.io.Files, this way it will be easier to interact with Eclipse the proper way, it will be possible to open resources over networks or Internet

Completed ToDos

  • Implement New Wizard

  • Implement Export Wizards

  • Implement Import XMI

  • Implement Import Sources

  • Break Model classes into multiple model classes

  • Review the Model Classes and the GUI classes, review the implementation

  • Split the plugin in more plugins

  • RCP application vs. ArgoEclipse plugin, should be different? The ArgoEclipse plugin will use Eclipse plugins that shouldn't be in an RCP application?

  • RCP build of a standalone modeling application equivalent to ArgoUML

  • Headless (non-graphical) build for the plugin

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