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Project Ideas

Here's a list of ideas for things to work on to improve ArgoEclipse. While it was created to suggest project ideas for students applying for the Google Summer of Code, it's a useful resource for anyone interested in working on ArgoEclipse.

Complete UML 2.x model subsystem implementation

The first part of this project was completed during the 2007 Google Summer of Code. ArgoEclipse encapsulates model system implementations with an API that isolates the rest of the application from the implementation details. Historically there was a UML 1.3 implementation based on NSUML, currently there's a UML 1.4 implementation based on NetBeans MDR and there's a new, partially complete implementation based on Eclipse's UML2 plugin.

Write UML 1.4 to UML 2.x migration tool

Customers have 10 years of design data which has been migrated through successive versions to UML 1.4. Now it's time to migrate it to UML 2.x. Eclipse's M2M (Model-to-Model transformation) plugin represents one possible way forward. The ATLAS tool that this plugin was based on supports multiple metamodels (UML 1.4 and UML 2.x) and multiple repositories (MDR and eUML2), so it presents one option for migrating models.

The UML 1.3 to UML 1.4 conversion was done using XSL style sheet based transformations, so that's another potential way forward.

Unit testing framework for GUI

There is currently no unit testing for the GUI components of ArgoEclipse. Implementing these tests is slightly complicated by the fact that we use both Swing and SWT for different UI components (using the Albireo integration technology), but it should be possible to improve the current situation. Some coverage would be better than none!

Possibilities - SWTbot for SWT pieces and Abbott for Swing pieces.

Context sensitive help

Eclipse provides a mechanism for providing context sensitive help which is delivered with the components. ArgoEclipse currently has no help mechanism. Using the Eclipse facilities to provide help for ArgoEclipse would be a very useful addition.

Eclipse software update implementation

Eclipse provides an auto-update mechanism for plugins. Implement support for this in the RCP version of ArgoEclipse (the plugin version can use the implementation bundled with the Eclipse IDE).

Packaging, branding, fit and finish

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