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Wiki: GSoC 2009

2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Google Summer of Code - 2009 Edition

ArgoEclipse has participated successfully in three Google Summers of Code and we're hoping to participate again this year (but we're not accepted yet -- see the schedule below).

Participation is a great way to not only learn about open source projects and how they are run, but also to learn the skills necessary for distributed, collaborative software development in any environment -- commercial, public, non-profit, or open source.

You should check out Google's main Summer of Code page at http://code.google.com/soc/ if you haven't done so already to get an overview of what the program is and how it works.

Project Ideas

Choosing a good focus for your project is important both for the success of your application and the success of your summer's project. Check the ProjectIdeas page for a description of some of the things that we'd like to see done, but remember that this isn't an exclusive list. If you've got a good idea that you're passionate about, feel free to propose it. We love good ideas even if they weren't ours.


Here's a brief outline of the summer's schedule. The application window is March 23-April 3, but don't wait until then to start your preparation.

February 8

Program announcement

March 18

List of accepted organizations announced

March 23

Student application period opens.

April 3

Student application deadline.

April 20

Accepted student proposals announced

May 23

Students begin coding for their GSoC projects

July 6-13

Mid-term evaluations

August 17

Project completion

August 24

Final evaluation deadline

See the full timeline at http://socghop.appspot.com/document/show/program/google/gsoc2009/faqs#timeline

Application Process

Applications are judged on a combination of the applicant's strength and suitability and the project's strength and suitability. Please use the following template for your application.


Please provide your full name.

Contact Info (Email / WWW / Blog / ...)

Where can we contact you? Please include an email address that you check regularly. If you've got a personal web page or blog which has useful information about you that you'd like to share, please include that too.

Project Synopsis

A short description of what your proposal is.

Project Details

A more detailed description. Why is it good for our users? Why is it exciting for you? [If you just cut and paste from our ideas page, we're just going to think you're lazy and lacking in imagination. Make this description your own. Convince us it'll be great.]

Project Schedule & Deliverables

How long will the project take? When can you begin work? Include an estimated timeline of the project with mini-milestones and associated deliverables. Please also note any time that you will be unavailable to work during the project period due to vacation, exams, or other commitments. This is just a rough outline and can be changed later, but should show that you've thought about amount and ordering of the work in more than a cursory level of detail.


Who are you, what are you studying (and where), and what activities do you enjoy? What software development experience do you have (open source, commercial, university, personal)? What experience do you have with Java and the Eclipse PDE? Have you contributed to any other open source projects? What experience do you have which is relevant to the project you are proposing?

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