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Wiki: ArgoUMLDevelopers

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ArgoUML Developer Info

This page contains information which is specifically for developers of ArgoUML or those who are familiar with the ArgoUML conventions, processes, etc.


Because we share some developers and the core code from ArgoUML, there are more similarities than differences between the two projects.


The following are some differences between ArgoEclipse and ArgoUML.

  • Eclipse Public License (EPL) instead of the very early variant of BSD licensing used by ArgoUML.
  • Copyright owned by the contributors instead of the ambiguous situation in ArgoUML where some code is owned by the Regents of the University of California, some by the contributions, and some in limbo.
  • More relaxed code conventions. We set our margins a little wider and we're a little more relaxed about a few other things than the ArgoUML project. This should mostly be transparent since we strive to have the Eclipse code formatters set up to produce code that will pass our Checkstyle conventions without any additional editing.

* More attention to Eclipse best practices such as modularity, late initialization, extensibility, etc.

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