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ArgoEclipse is available as both an Eclipse plugin and as a standalone application with all the necessary Eclipse RCP components bundled.

Plugin Installation Instructions

The ArgoEclipse plugin requires Eclipse 3.5 or later. You can download Eclipse kits from the Eclipse web site.

  1. In the Eclipse menu go to HelpInstall New Software
  2. In the Install dialog click on Add... and add a site with the following attributes:
    	Name: ArgoEclipse
    	URL: http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/update_site
  3. From here it's simple to follow the instructions from the wizard

Standalone RCP installation

ArgoEclipse is also available as a complete standalone application with all the necessary Eclipse components bundled. Those kits are available at http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/kits/rcp/

Getting Started

The ArgoEclipse plugin is based on ArgoUML, so the ArgoUML manual is a good place to start.

If you are familiar with ArgoUML, the ArgoEclipse perspective (Window→Open Perspective→Other... then select ArgoEclipse) mirrors the layout of the standalone ArgoUML application. Opening a file with the .zargo extension or creating a new ArgoUML file (File→New→Other... then selecting ArgoUML file) will open the ArgoUML diagram editor.

Additional information can be found here: http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/faqs/users.html or informations about how to check out the source code: http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/wiki/DeveloperOverview.