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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary Eclipse plugin for UML design using ArgoUML
Category design
License Eclipse Public License - v 1.0
Owner(s) tfmorris

ArgoEclipse is a free, open source, UML plugin for the Eclipse IDE. It is also available as a standalone tool using the Eclipse RCP technology. ArgoEclipse integrates core technology from the ArgoUML and Eclipse UML2 projects to provide a complete, end user UML modeling tool.

Google Summer of Code

ArgoEclipse has received received three years of great contributions from students participating in the Google Summer of Code. We won't be participating officially for the 2009 season, but we're still happy to mentor students interested in learning about open source and Eclipse.

Please visit our wiki for ideas on potential projects and information on the application process. Here's a list of the successful projects and applicants from previous years:

Google Summer of Code
Year Student Mentor Project Links
2006 Pistol Constandache Bogdan Ciprian Tom Morris Eclipse integration for ArgoUML application
2007 Pistol Constandache Bogdan Ciprian Tom Morris UML 2.x support using Eclipse UML2 plugin application
2008 Brian Hudson Pistol Constandache Bogdan Ciprian Albireo integration, Code generation extension point, new views, numerous bug fixes application
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ArgoEclipse includes the following functionality:

  • Support for seven UML diagram types.
  • Synchronized source code and UML views of code (future)
  • Lots of other cool stuff...

Please feel free to request additional features using the issue tracker.

View a demo screencast

Have a look at the screencast which represents the initial integration at the end of the 2006 Google Summer of Code: http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/documentation/video/screencast.html.

Download ArgoEclipse

Instructions about downloading/installing ArgoEclipse: http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/documentation/download.html.


The goal of the project is to provide seamless integration between the UML functionality provided by the core ArgoUML project and the Eclipse IDE.

The focus of this project is on the integration pieces only. All of the core functionality is provided by either Eclipse or ArgoUML. We just provide the glue.

The plugin is written in 100% Java and uses the native ArgoUML Swing UI components for most of its GUI, rather than the Eclipse SWT components. Source code management is done using SVN.

General description of the plugin

You can find out information about ArgoEclipse, what is implemented into the plugin, what brings the plugin to Eclipse (menus, actions, wizards, etc) and other stuff on this page: http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/faqs/users.html

Notes for Developers

Do you want to find out how to checkout the source code? Here's how: http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/wiki/DeveloperOverview

A To Do list for this project can be viewed here: http://argoeclipse.tigris.org/wiki/ToDoList.

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